New Kingfisher Plus Firmware & Software
Posted by Matthew Newby on 07 August 2017 12:31 PM

Servelec Technologies is pleased to announce the release of the latest Kingfisher CP-30 processor module update. The new firmware (version 4609) is available to download here. Please read on for more information about:

- New Kingfisher Plus CP-12 firmware
- New Kingfisher MC-12 firmware
- New version (2.5) of Toolbox32 available
- New application notes covering DI-10 Time Synchronisation and Series 2 Processors, An enhanced PID function block, Monitoring Ethernet traffic using Wireshark, DNP3 secure authentication, CP-30 polling modem using SNMP

The latest improvements to the module include:

Web server:
Diagnostics are now available on the web server showing the system restart log, route changes, I/O module digital output and the ability to capture additional data in the event of a firmware problem.

DNP3 protocol handling:
Improvements have been made to the DNP3 protocol handling, by improving issues surrounding binary output commands, DNP3 class poll requests and adding a number of enhancements to performance.

Peer-to-peer communication:
Kingfisher RTUs support DNP3 peer-to-peer communication applications. This allows local communication between two DNP3 devices, so that in a scenario where SCADA is lost, the local Kingfisher RTU system will continue to function with no loss of events. An application note for DNP3 peer-to-peer communication can be found 


File transfer:
RTU configuration or firmware can now be upgraded using DNP3 file transfer commands. Toolbox PLUS version 4.2.0 is required. Firmware version 4408 or later supports DNP3 file transfers. This feature allows users to upgrade firmware and configuration using third party SCADA software over Ethernet or serial interfaces. 
An application note on DNP3 File transfer can be found here


Toolbox32 Software and CP-12/MC-12/CP-11 Firmware Releases

  • Kingfisher Toolbox32 version 2.5 now available for download here 
  • Kingfisher CP-12 firmware version 1.49a now available for download here
  • Kingfisher MC-12 firmware version 123 now available for download here
  • Kingfisher CP-11 T3 firmware version 1.46b now available for download here

Other application notes

News from the Kingfisher development team

PC-1 processor end of production notice
Servelec Technologies confirms that production of the Kingfisher PC-1 RTU (Combined CPU and Power supply module) ceased in August 2016. 

Greater operating temperature range announced
The operating temperature range for Kingfisher RTUs has increased to -40°C to + 85°C.Read more...

I2 dual serial cards available
Option I2 dual serial cards are now available for order.

Did you know?

  • We have established a new online repair portal for return/repairs. This portal replaces the RA form which has been phased out. Please go to to sign in to the portal.
  • When placing an order for our Kingfisher products, if you require a specific version of firmware or driver, please specify the version number required on the purchase order. Otherwise, all Kingfisher products are shipped with the latest production versions.
  • Tickets or issues can be raised directly through our support site or by sending an email to
  • The Servelec Technologies support site provides access to all the latest downloads. Once logged on to the support site, you can use keywords to search for relevant articles to self-diagnose problems or to access application notes.

Training ( October 2017)

A Toolbox32 training course (Standard two days with optional third day)  for CP-12, CP-11, LP-3, PC-1, CP-21 is scheduled to take place during October 2017, at our Melbourne office. A ToolboxPLUS training course (Standard four days which covers Modbus and DNP3 protocols) for CP-30 is also scheduled to take place during October 2017 at our Melbourne office.

Both these courses will be run based on demand. So please register your interest ASAP by sending an email to

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