Servelec Technologies, a market-leading global provider of end-to-end telemetry products and systems, has released the latest update for its feature-rich Kingfisher Plus modular automation platform for SCADA applications. The Kingfisher Plus remote telemetry unit (RTU) platform brings together advanced processing and software technology, IP connectivity, and open programming to remote measurement and control applications. Kingfisher Plus RTUs are used in the most intensive and demanding SCADA systems and critical infrastructure applications. This major update, titled Panther (firmware version 4408) is for the Kingfisher Plus CP-30 processor module and MC-31 communications module.

The new features include:

- New web server application - Field and remote diagnostics are now available without requiring installation of specific Toolbox Plus configuration software.

- DNP3 File Transfer – Allows remote, secure configuration of the RTU directly from an installed SCADA system.

- Advanced security updates – Security updates include DoS attack protection, digital signing of firmware and port protection.

- Operating System Upgrade – The operating system has been updated to take advantage of the latest security enhancements, stability improvements and features.

- Diagnostics – Diagnostic messages have been improved to reduce downtime and resolve issues faster.

For more information and to access the release notes, click here (access requires an account for the Servelec Technologies Support Portal, which can be created by following the link).


Toolbox Plus

To support some of the new functionality provided by this latest Kingfisher Plus update, the latest version of the Kingfisher Toolbox Plus software is required. Toolbox Plus eliminates the need to open and switch between multiple software packages and combines configuration, program development and maintenance into one simple-to-use package.

For more information and to download the latest version (4.2.0) of Toolbox Plus, click here (access requires an account for the Servelec Technologies Support Portal, which can be created by following the link).

Following the release of the update, Servelec Technologies’ Development and Support Director, Matthew Hawkridge said: “This latest release for our market-leading Kingfisher Plus modular RTU platform includes some exciting new usability and security features we are confident that our users will find valuable. For example, the new diagnostic webserver and DNP3 file transfer functionality now allows users to monitor their RTU network from any common web browser, including from mobile devices.

“Our clients in critical national infrastructure markets such as energy, oil and gas, water and transportation require leading security to protect their networks from increasing cyber threats. With this update, we have further strengthened the security features of our Kingfisher Plus RTU platform including digital signing of firmware and protection against denial of service attacks.”

Servelec Technologies is a market-leading global provider of end-to-end hardware and software products and systems. We deliver efficiency savings to customers’ business operations, by creating systems to collect, communicate and exploit data. To find out more about Servelec Technologies Kingfisher Plus RTU platform, please click here.

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