Semaphore to be renamed as Servelec Technologies

Semaphore has been part of the Servelec Group since Dec-2013, under the division Servelec Technologies. The new name formalises the merge of Semaphore, Servelec Systems and Tynemarch.
The support for Kingfisher and TBox remain unchanged.

For further details please refer to this link - Semaphore Renamed Servelec Technologies

New Kingfisher firmware and software

CP-30/MC-31/G-30 Firmware 3844 - Service Update

Kingfisher CP-30/MC-31/G-30 firmware version 3844 is now available for download from our Helpdesk here - Firmware 3844

Please note that this is a service update to our major feature release 3793.

Major features include

  • Support for Option I2 dual serial card
  • New function blocks ( U32PACK, U32UNPACK, U64PACK and U64UNPACK)
  • Various performance improvements including MC31 communications performance
  • Buffering of up to 100,000 DNP3 events and improved DNP event management
  • Additional diagnostic information in service report
  • Improvements to Security features
  • Various bug fixes

Toolbox PLUS 4.0.0 Feature Release

Toolbox PLUS 4.0.0 is now available for download from our Helpdesk here - Toolbox PLUS 4.0.0

Highlights of this release include:

  • Support for Dual serial (I2) option card
  • Improvements to security features
  • Updates to helpfile
  • Various bug fixes

CP-12/MC-12/CP-11/MC-11 Firmware for various bug fixes

  • Kingfisher CP-12 firmware version 1.48c is now available for download from this link - CP-12 1.48c
  • Kingfisher MC-12 firmware version 113 is now available for download from this link - MC-12 113
  • Kingfisher CP-11 firmware version 1.46a is now available for download from this link - CP-11 T3 1.46a
  • Kingfisher MC-11 firmware version C181 for use with Option-T, is now available for download from this link - MC-11 C181

Did you know ?

If you want a specific version of firmware or driver on Kingfisher products, please specify the version number required on the purchase order. Otherwise, all Kingfisher products are shipped with the latest production versions

Servelec Technologies - Melbourne Australia - Christmas/New Year Break

Our office and factory will be closed for the period from midday Wednesday 23rd December 2015 (Melbourne time) to 8:30am on Monday 4th January 2016. During this time no orders will be processed and no telephone support will be available. There will be limited support available via the Helpdesk ticket system. The last deliveries will be on Tuesday 22nd December 2015 and will recommence on the 4th January 2016.

We wish all our Servelec Technologies’ customers and partners, a safe and prosperous season, and look forward to an exciting and rewarding 2016.