Posted by Semaphore Support on 01 October 2015 12:00 AM


Semaphore Australia has recently completed works on the LP-3 unit to add support for Ethernet and HART communication cards. To acknowledge this and introduce the enhance feature set, for all orders placed from 1st October, 2015 with a shippable date prior to 31st December, 2015 the Kingfisher Low Power RTU base model LP-3-00 will be available at the reduced rate of $795.00 list ex-GST.

When combined with the additional communication option cards we are able to offer LP-3s with the following example list prices.

  • LP3-00 base unit . Was LIST AUD $1195 now LIST $ 795.00.
  • LP3-I0 base unit plus isolated serial. Was LIST AUD $1380 now LIST $ 980.00.
  • LP3-II base unit plus x2 isolated serial. Was LIST AUD $1565 now LIST $ 1165.00.
  • LP3-IT3 base unit plus isolated serial & Ethernet. Was LIST AUD $1575 now LIST $ 1175.00.
  • LP3-T30 base unit plus Ethernet. Was LIST AUD $1390 now LIST $ 990.00.
  • LP3-T3T3 base unit plus x2 Ethernet. Was LIST AUD $1585 now LIST $ 1185.00.

Contact your Kingfisher agent now to take advantage of this offer. Standard discounts apply

(All prices ex GST from AUD price list – International customers please contact your sales representative for USD equivalent pricing)

The LP-3-00 base unit is a fully featured stand alone RTU and has been used extensively throughout Australia and New Zealand in a wide variety of applications including;

  • Remote Tank Monitoring
  • Flood level monitoring.
  • Data Logging and reporting.
  • Gas Metering.
  • Power Line fault monitoring.
  • Plus many more!


Key features include:

  • Base communications including 1 x RS232 Port, 1 x RS232/485 configurable, plus two communication option sockets which can be fitted with any of the following options in any combination Isolated RS232/485 Serial, Ethernet, HART, PSTN, Private Line, and 900Mhz Spread Spectrum. (Part numbers show at the end of this document
  • On board IO including
    8 x Digital Inputs,
    2 x Relay Outputs,
    4 x Analog Inputs,
    1 x Analog Output.
  • 9-15VDC Input supply
  • Low Power Sleep function suited directly for operation from Solar
  • PLC ladder logic programmed with Toolbox32 (free download from the Semaphore Help desk)                                                              
  • Extensive Serial and Ethernet protocol support including DNP3 Slave, Modbus Master and Slave and of course Kingfisher Series II
  • AGA8 calculations
  • HART protocol support in conjunction with the HART communication option card


        Option Card    


Screen capture of revised LP-3 section from the Kingfisher RTU price list valid 1st October to 31st Dec 2015.