• Rugged battery powered RTU / Logger
  • 5 - 10 year battery life depending on usage
  • IP68 (submersible four metres for four days)
  • Programmable logic processing
  • Capacity to store years of historical data

Monitoring and control of remote assets in harsh environments requires a robust and reliable telemetry device with exceptional battery life. The new TBox Nano, developed by Servelec Technologies, is precisely that. The rugged physical attributes of the TBox Nano are complemented by state-of-the-art hardware and firmware that makes the TBox Nano perfectly suited to a wide range of monitoring and control applications. 

Servelec’s TBox range of powerful telemetry devices for remote automation and monitoring enables the complete integration of SCADA, telemetry and control functionality in a single, scalable package. By combining advanced telemetry and web capabilities, TBox remote telemetry units (RTUs) simplify systems engineering and reduce installation costs by up to 50% compared to systems that combine PLC, communications and SCADA components. The range, which now includes the ultra-low power option of the TBox Nano is the most complete family of telemetry solutions on the market.

The TBox Nano’s wireless technology allows data to be transmitted using 3G M2M communications. Following the product’s launch, Servelec Technologies’ Development and Support Director, Matthew Hawkridge said: “We are delighted to announce the launch of the TBox Nano, which adds the flexibility and power of our existing TBox application suite to a rugged ultra-low power chassis.

“The TBox Nano builds further capability to our market-leading range of powerful TBox RTU solutions. It is perfect for monitoring applications where access is difficult and infrequent as the incredible battery life enables the device to continue logging and transmitting time-stamped, encrypted data for years with zero maintenance. Once in situ, the wireless connectivity and intuitive configuration tools allow the user to dynamically configure, monitor and control their network of devices remotely.

“The device has been tested to the extreme; its waterproof casing is IP68 certified and has withstood the pressure and weight of a 4x4 vehicle being driven over it. While the primary functions of the TBox Nano are data logging, transmitting and alarm notification each device is capable of operating as a low power RTU with the capability of site specific functionality via programmable logic applications.”

Servelec Technologies is a market-leading global provider of end-to-end hardware and software products and systems. We deliver efficiency savings to customers’ business operations, by creating systems to collect, communicate and exploit data. To find out more about Servelec Technologies TBox RTU range, please click here.

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